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Agriculture & Natural Resources Program

The Agriculture and Natural Resource Department is intent on providing students with the training and resources needed to compete in this rapidly expanding career field and the skills needed to continue their studies in this arena. The department has designed its educational programs on the following premises:

  1. A focus on the underlying scientific principles and math skills that support the disciplines of agriculture and natural resource management.
  2. Application of advanced technologies that include the management of data with sophisticated computer software,Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Remote Imaging Technology.
  3. A focus on "Complete Ecosystem Management," that balances the need to preserve natural ecological relationships with the social and economic needs of the humans that use a particular ecosystem or region.
  4. Provide increased "hands-on" learning and field experiences. The skills needed to be successful in these arenas are best taught through actual experience via laboratories, investigative field experiences, internships, field trips and simulated case studies.